Annie Spring Trails Photos – Jennifer Gifford NPS Trails Supervisor

“The Annie Spring Trail was completely rerouted off the old road bed and away from the water towers in 2001. It now starts near Annie Spring and the road bridge and switchbacks up the hill and next to some meadows before intersecting at the PCT. Completely different trail than the Annie Creek Canyon Trail downstream. The naming convention AST_00+00_TH_01 translates to AST = Annie Spring Trail, 00+00 = feet from trailhead (trailheads are usually the starting point at 0 feet, 01+23 is 123 linear feet from the trailhead for example), TH = Trailhead (or other such feature along the trail), 01 is just if there are multiple pictures of the same feature. This really pertains to the written inventories I have that need more work. Not all the pictures I upload will have the naming convention, but are usually in order from start of trail to end of trail.” Jennifer Gifford, CRLA Trails Supervisor, February 16, 2016 [CLI wishes to thank Jennifer for contributing these photos. Rarely do we get to see trail images as good as these.]

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