Albert Hackert and Otto Heckert

Oral History Interview

About the Crater Lake Oral History Series

Interviewer and Date: Stephen R. Mark, Crater Lake National Park Historian

Interview Location and Date: Jacksonville, Oregon, October 31, 1991

Transcription: Transcribed by Chris Prout, August 1997

Biographical Summary (from the interview introduction)

Both brothers were seasonal maintenance employees from 1922 – 1924.These brothers have the distinction of having been employed at Crater Lake further back then anyone I have interviewed. The opportunity to interview them came about when Albert Hackert visited the park in September 1991. At that time he made mention of having hauled rock for the construction of  annexes on Crater Lake Lodge to another NPS employee, Ray Todd. With lodge construction having started the summer, Mr. Hackert’s experiences intrigued me and I arranged to speak with them through their niece, Dorland Offenbacher.

Materials Associated with this interview on file at the Dick Brown library at Crater Lake National Park’s Steel Visitor Center: taped interview; Hackert and Heckert are pictured in slides taken immediately after the interview.