Our Mission

 Crater Lake Institute and Foundation

 Simply put, we are a non-profit organization making it easier for you to know more about Crater Lake National Park.

April-12-2006 quarter

Oregon commemorative quarter, issued April 12, 2006.

Our mission:
We are here to enhance your knowledge of Crater Lake National Park by offering information about educational activities in the park – This park, a place immeasurable beauty, is our heritage. The only national park in Oregon, it has inspired people for thousands of years.

We have an online digital library of over 4000 pages of stories, maps, historic photos and articles on the park’s natural history, its dark night skies, and even what sort of science projects are under way in the park. We believe it is the largest digital collection of Crater Lake information available . . . and it’s free.

Crater Lake Foundation:

We’re not only here to help YOU with Crater Lake, we actually help Crater Lake. Crater Lake Foundation is the philanthropic arm of our organization. Find out who we’ve helped and why?

Art and Interpretation:
We have commissioned more art for and about the park than any other group, including the National Park Service, and have produced many interpretive products using the paintings, photographs and drawings. Nature guides, posters, interpretive jigsaw puzzles, a coloring book, trail guides and other products are available both in the park and here, all helping visitors better understand what they’re seeing.

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