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For those desiring a winter backcountry adventure in a spectacular setting, skiing around Crater Lake on the unplowed Rim Drive is an unforgettable experience. The trip is thirty miles long and typically requires three or four days, longer on snowshoes.

Although a trip in either direction is possible, most people start at Rim Village and proceed clockwise around the lake to Park Headquarters, with a net loss of 700 feet of elevation. For groups with only one car, the Raven Trail offers a connection between Park Headquarters and Rim Village.

Winter conditions at Crater Lake can be highly variable and can change quickly. Backcountry visitors should be prepared for all possible conditions. Prior to leaving for an overnight trip, your group will be asked to complete a skills and equipment checklist and leave emergency contact information.

Avalanches and icy conditions can create hazards at several points along the Rim Drive. Please familiarize yourself with avalanche safety precautions before your trip, and check on current avalanche conditions upon your arrival at Crater Lake.

Overnight Parking at Rim Village
Overnight Parking at Munson Valley

Distances and Elevations on the Rim Drive

Location Total
from last
Climb (ft)
Rim Village 0.0 0.0
Discovery Point 1.1 1.1 50
Lightning Springs Trailhead 2.3 1.2 50
Watchman Trailhead 3.8 1.5 200
North Junction 6.1 2.3 200
Cleetwood Cove 10.7 4.6 450
Wineglass 13.5 2.8 350
Skell Head 14.9 1.4 400
Cloudcap 17.9 3.0 600
Kerr Notch 21.4 3.5 600
Dutton Ridge 24.0 2.6 650
Sun Notch 25.5 1.5 650
Vidae Falls 27.0 1.5 650
Park Headquarters 30.0 3.0  

All mileages and elevation changes are along the Rim Drive and do not consider any avalanche detour routes.

Mileages and Elevations of Ski Trail around Crater Lake Rim

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