Limnology or Freshwater Research

Fisheries Investigations in Crater Lake, Oregon, 1937-1940 by Arthur D. Hasler and D. S. Farner

Post-Eruptive History and Bathymetry 2002


Composition of the Water of Crater Lake, by Walton Van Winkle and N. M. Finkbiner, 1913


Ultraviolet Radiation and Bio-optics in Crater Lake, Oregon, Hargreaves, Girdner, Buktenica, Urbach and Larson, 2005


Overview of the Limnology of Crater Lake (PDF file) by Gary L. Larson, Northwest Science, Vol. 70, Special Issue No. 2, 1996

The Impact of Climate on the Physics, Hydrology, and Biogeochemistry of Crater Lake, Oregon, July 1999 – June 2004


Temperature Microstructure in Crater Lake, Oregon (PDF file)by Victor T. Neal, Stephen J. Neshyba, Warren W. Denner, Limnology and Oceanography, Vol. 16, No. 4 July, 1971


Representative Freshwater Bacterioplankton Isolated from Crater Lake, Oregon, Page, Connon, Giovannoni, 2004

Ecosystem Analysis Using Probabilistic Relational Modeling – Bruce D’Ambrosio, Eric Altendorf, and Jane Jorgensen


Vertical Temperature Structure in Crater Lake, Oregon (PDF file) by Victor T. Neal, Stephen J. Neshyba, Warren W. Denner,Limnology and Oceanography, Vol. 17, No. 3 May, 1972


Mixing Dynamics in Crater Lake, Crawford, with contributions from Collier, Larson and others


Crater Lake National Park Whitehorse Pond Limnological and Vascular Plant Study, 1993

Detecting Long-Term Hydrological Patterns in Crater Lake, Oregon (PDF file), David L. Peterson, David G. Silsbee, Kelly T. Redmond, Northwest Science, Vol. 73, No. 2, 1999.

Hydrologic Benchmark Network Stations in the Western U.S. 1963-95 (USGS Circular 1173-D) – Crater Lake near Crater Lake, Oregon (Station 11492200)

 comple5The Horizontal Distribution and Vertical Migrations of the Limnetic Zooplankton in Crater Lake, Oregon by F. Owen Hoffman, 1969


Crater Lake Drifter Test – Preliminary Data Report
Test dates: 11-13 August 1997



Hydrology of Crater, East and Davis Lakes, Oregon by Kenneth Phillips,Geological Survey, 1968.

Crater Lake Limnological Studies Final Report, Larson, McIntire, Jacobs 1993

Chemical Analyses of Waters from Crater Lake, Oregon, and Nearby Springs by J. Michael Thompson, L. Douglas White and Manuel Nathenson, 1987


Water balance for Crater Lake, Oregon by Manuel Nathenson 1991?

comple18Klamath Network Water Quality Report (Phase II). Hoffman, Robert L., R. Currens and Mary Ann Madej., 2005


Temperatures of springs in the vicinity of Crater Lake, Oregon, in relation to air and ground temperatures by Manuel Nathenson, 1990 


Report of the Sec. of the Interior under Sec. 7 of Public Law 100-443 on the Presence or Absence of Significant Thermal Features Within Crater Lake National Park, 1992

Studies of Hydrothermal Processes in Crater Lake, Oregon – extracted from OSU College of Oceanography Report #90-7

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