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Reference Guide to the Crater Lake National Park Oral History Series

 Consultants Interviewed

Adams, T.J. “Jeff’ Maintenance employee 1957-82, promoted to chief 1965, CLNHA board member 1959-89. Died 1999. Interviewed 5/12/89 at his residence in Klamath Falls. Notes only at his request. He and his wife Pearl donated items at the interview and at various times subsequently. Portrait in park photo file.

Allen, John Eliot. Seasonal naturalist at CRLA 1935, subsequently pursued field career in geology, then geology professor at Portland State University. Died 1996. Interviewed 9/24/91 at his office on the PSU campus. Taped interview along with notes. Donated a considerable amount of CRLA related file material and photos.

Arant, Howard. Seasonal laborer 1928-34. Died 1997. HA was the grandson of first park superintendent W.F. Arant. Interviewed on tape 11/30/88 at his residence in Medford, notes only for previous conversation with him and wife Lu 8/23/88. Loaned a number of photos for copying. Slide taken of him at time of interview.

Armentrout, Herbert. Biological technician 1935-36, seasonal park ranger 1937-40. Interviewed by John Morrison 8/4/87 at his residence in Clackamas. Taped interview. No response to letter sent with transcription in 1997.

Arthur, Ted E.  Seasonal naturalist 1958-70. Interviewed on tape 9/1/92 at Diamond Lake, where he was working as an interpreter. Donated several photos and documents subsequently. Slide taken of him when visiting CRLA in 1993; he is in several photos taken of naturalists during the 1960s that are in the photo file.

Benton, Robert E. “Bob” Superintendent 1984-91. Interviewed on tape via four telephone conversations, 3/94. Some notes from the interview and photos in file, other file correspondence dates from the period while he was superintendent.

Black, Bruce W. Chief Park Naturalist 1959-63. Interviewed on tape 9/27/88 at his residence in Corvallis along with wife Barbara, some additional notes and correspondence in file. Slide taken of him and Mrs. Black at time of interview, also portrait in the photo file.

Blanchfield, Emmett U. Forestry technician 1930, ranger-naturalist 193 1; later became landscape architect for the U.S. Forest Service and California State Parks. Interviewed 3/7/95 at his residence in Sacramento, additional notes and correspondence in file along with manuscript concerning his work at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood. Donated a number of photos taken at CRLA in 193 1. Slide taken of him at the time of interview.

Brown, Richard M. “Dick” and Ann. RMB was assistant naturalist 1952-60, chief park naturalist 1963-66, research biologist 1968-70; died 1998. Both interviewed on tape 9/15/88 at their residence in Novato, California. Interview notes and related correspondence in file, along with unreleased transcript and several photos. Donated several items at time of the interview.

Carstens, Clarita “Rita” Seasonal switchboard operator, 1949-52. Letter with photos to John Morrison, 8/4/87.

Cherry, Allen B. Among first divers in Crater Lake, 1956. Notes taken during interview at Rim Village, 8/26/96. Donated several photographs and numerous color photocopies in file, which also includes newspaper articles and correspondence.

Constance, Lincoln. Ranger-naturalist 193 1-32. Notes taken during telephone interview, 711 8/91. Some correspondence related to the interview and his reprinted contribution to Nature Notes from Crater Lake in file.

Cressman, Luther S. Noted archeologist who collaborated with studies related to CRLA, making discovery of sandals at Fort Rock Cave in 1937. Taped interview at his residence in Eugene, 101219 1. Died 1994 before signing release. Field notes from interview (assisted by L.C. Merriam, Jr.), several photos, and some publications in file. Slide taken at time of interview. Several of his publications are in the park library.

Dion, Carl R. Visitor 193 1, 1936, associated with early environmentalists. Written responses to interview questions 1016189, notes taken at follow up interview in Medford 10113189. Died 1993. Considerable correspondence and copies of documents related to forestry and other topics in files.

Donati, William F. ”Bill” District park ranger 1967-70. Notes taken during an interview held in his office at REDW headquarters in Crescent City on 4/1/91. This was done in conjunction with interviewing Donald M. Spalding at Trinidad, California, 4/1/91. Donati and Spalding are pictured in slides taken at Trinidad.

Doyle, William E. “Bill” Ranger-naturalist 1959-60, 1 962. Notes taken during a brief conversation with him at Rim Village, 611 1/96. Photos of him conducting boat tours in the photo file and as part of an exhibit at Crater Lake Lodge.

Dunn, Barbara. Concession employee, 1937. Notes taken during a telephone conversation with her on 7/23/99.

Espey, Larry V. Engineering aide 1928-33. Died 1993. Notes taken in lieu of failed attempt at taped interview held at Park Headquarters 8/2/90. File includes a draft transcript of a 1986 interview conducted by Pat Erigero and a completed transcript of an interview about CCC work, conservation work, and state parks by Elisabeth Potter 1/21/88. Some background information about LVE is also included in the file by way of news articles and correspondence.

Fitzgerald, Duane “Dewey” Park ranger 1946-50, concession boat manager 195 1. Notes taken from a conversation at Park Headquarters, 7/2/96.

Foiles, Otis W. “Pete” Park ranger 1939-42. Taped interview by John Morrison, 8/4/87.

Foster, Robert S. ”Bob” Concession employee (boat crew) 1925-27. Notes taken at interview held at Park Headquarters, 6/14/88. Donated several photos a few days after the interview.

France, Alvord H. Telecommunications officer 1953-56. Notes from brief conversation at Park Headquarters, 7130192.

Fritz, Paul. Landscape architect, 1963-65. Died 2000. Notes from two conversations held at Orick, California, and at Park Headquarters, 6/28/89 and 7/2/89. File includes extensive correspondence concerning establishing new park units and expanding existing ones.

Frost, Hazel. Wife of park ranger W.T. “Jack” Frost, who served at CRLA 1936-43. Taped interview by John Morrison, 8/3/87.

Fry, George W. Park ranger 1936-38. Died 1999. Letter in reply to oral history questions, n.d. [1989]. File includes correspondence and chapter on CRLA from his autobiography.

Hackert, Albert and Heckert, Otto. Seasonal maintenance employees 1922-24. Taped interview with brothers at their residence in Jacksonville, 1013 1/91. Hackert and Heckert are pictured in slides taken immediately after the interview.

Happell, Glen F. Concession employee (chief of maintenance) 1955-82. Died 1998. Notes from telephone interview, 12/2/97.

Hasler, Arthur. Ranger-naturalist 1937, later a noted fisheries biologist at the University of Wisconsin. Notes from brief telephone conversation, 7/29/93. Hasler file includes reprints of published articles, bibliography, interpretive program outline, and copy prints of photos with captions.

Hedgpeth, Hope. Visitor to CRLA beginning in 1906; granddaughter of Chauncey Nye. Died 1998. Notes from an interview given in conjunction with husband Dee at their residence in Prospect, 5/19/95.

Hedgpeth, Mabel. Park resident and intermittent employee 1930-43. Taped interview conducted by Royal Jackson at her residence in Central Point, 8/23/86 and 611 8/87. File includes correspondence and slide taken at time of interview.

Hescock, W.B. “Web” Heavy equipment operator 1950-7 1. Died 2000. Interviewed at his residence in Fort Klamath 4/16/92. Notes reviewed and approved by consultant. File includes print from slide of WH and wife Polly.

Hildreth, Harold. Seasonal park ranger 1928-29, trails foreman 1930. Notes from telephone interview, 61519 1. File includes one letter subsequent to the interview.

Hoffman, F. Owen. Seasonal naturalist 1966-68. Taped interview held at Park Headquarters, 8/25/98. File includes extensive correspondence (most by electronic mail), abstract of his masters thesis (on zooplankton of Crater Lake) and two manuscripts. Copy of thesis in the park library.

Hollenbeak, Jack. Seasonal park ranger 1933-37. Notes from interview conducted at his residence in Prospect, 6/21/95. Most of his career was spent on the RRNF; see interview by Jeff LaLande in “Recollections: People and Forest,” 1990.

Howe, Carrol B. CLNHA board member 1982-87. Died 1998. Taped interview conducted at his residence south of Klamath Falls, 1/23/92. Loaned photos for copying. File includes a limited amount of correspondence and a print from slide taken during the interview.

Howe, Wayne R. Park ranger 1946-50, acting regional director 1975. Taped interview at Park Headquarters with wife Jean, 9/1/88; notes from subsequent interview at his residence in Roseburg, 10128188. Loaned photos for copying and donated other items. File includes considerable correspondence and some news articles. Slide of him and JH taken during follow up interview.

Hudson, Charles F. Son of CCC camp commander, at CRLA 1933-34. Notes from brief conversation at Park Headquarters, 9/20/90.

Kaye, Glen F. Assistant naturalist 1963-67, centennial coordinator, Friends of Crater Lake 1998-present. Notes from a telephone interview, 1/22/93. Kaye’s file includes news articles and should be cross-referenced with CRLA centennial file with more extensive correspondence by electronic mail.

Keen, Ruth Hopson. Ranger-naturalist 1947, collaborator through Oregon State System of Higher Education 1948-49. Died 1998. Notes taken from an interview at her residence in Portland 2/9/93. File includes one of her articles, prints from a slide taken at the interview, and her comments about involvement in a conservation group.

Kezer, James L. Ranger-naturalist 195 1-52, noted cell biologist and emeritus professor at the University of Oregon. Taped interview conducted at his residence in Eugene 1 1/26/97. File includes correspondence, copies of articles, and photographs.