Rim Village Historic Structures



Kiser Studio, Rim Village, Courtesy of Crater Lake National Park.

Sinnott Memorial

The Sinnott Memorial sits 50 feet below the main Rim Village promenade, on Victor Rock, and has been a central part of Crater lake’s educational facilities.

Plaza Comfort Station

The Plaza Comfort Station is one of six primary buildings at the Rim Village. In 1997, the Plaza Comfort Station, along with 4 other buildings in the Rim Village, was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Plaza Comfort Station was rehabilitated in 2001 and continues to function as it did historically, providing interpretive and general services to park visitors.

Community House

Over time, the Community House has served various purposes. It was used for church services by the park staff, it housed the early educational program, it has been used as a museum, and educational lectures were often given.

Kiser Studio

On July 12, 1921, the cornerstone of the Fred H. Kiser Studio was laid at Victor Rock by Will Steel. Kiser was a nationally-known scenic artist famous for hand-colored-in-oil photos, who became unofficially the “official” photographer of the lake. The building was to be the headquarters for Mr. Kiser’s photography work in that part of Oregon and the studio/salesroom for his hand-colored pictures of Crater Lake and the Northwest and for photographic supplies.

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