Anne Springs Cutoff Trail

Annie Spring Cutoff Trail – Crater Lake National Park

Difficulty: Moderate

Length: .65 miles (1.04 km)

Elevation: 6381 – 6053 ft (1945 – 1845 m)

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Trailhead coordinates (at PCT intersection):

Latitude: N +42° 52.777 or 42.8796

Longitude: W -122° 10.362 or -122.1727

Altitude: 6381* ft (1945* m)

Trail Description
Mountain Hemlocks at Boundary Springs, photo by Robert Mutch


This short trail is a connector between the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) and Mazama Village and  has recently been rerouted upslope . PCT hikers often need to access Mazama Village for such basic services as hot showers, water, food, and etc. The trail is a gradual decline in elevation from the PCT intersection to Mazama Village as it passes through a fairly open lodgepole pine and mountain hemlock forest.

Trailhead location: The southern portion of this trail is located on the western side of the Munson Valley road just a few hundred meters past the south entrance (Annie Springs) station.

Nature Note: Annie Springs was named for Annie Gaines, the young sister-in-law of the Fort Klamath commander, Capt. William Rinehart. In 1865, Annie, Capt. Rinehart, and some of his soldiers descended to Crater Lake and Annie became the first known white woman to do so.

Seasonal Information: Expect the trail to be covered in snow from October to early July, however, conditions vary somewhat from year to year. See Crater Lake Current Conditions for more information.

Below are some photos of the ‘new’ rerouted trail provided by Jennifer Gifford, CRLA Trails Supervisor in spring 2016. Top photo is lower trailhead. Bottom photo is junction with the PCT

Related Maps

Digital USGS topographic maps (PDF files) – the following maps are relevant to the Bald Crater Loop trail. See more Crater Lake Institute online USGS digital maps.

Series Name Year Scale Contour Interval File Size
USGS 7.5′ Crater Lake West 1985 1:24,000 40 ft usgs-crater-lake-west-7.5
USGS 7.5′ Pumice Desert West 1985 1:24,000 40 ft usgs-pumice-desert-west-7.5
USGS 30′ x 60′ Crater Lake 1989 1:100,000 50 m usgs-crater-lake-30-minute
USGS 30′ x 60′ Diamond Lake 1978 1:100,000 50 m usgs-diamond-lake-30-minute
USGS 1° x 2° Klamath Falls 1970 1:250,000 200 ft usgs-klamath-falls-1-2
USGS 1° x 2° Medford 1976 1:250,000 200 ft usgs-medford-1-2
USGS 1° x 2° Roseburg 1970 1:250,000 200 ft usgs-roseburg-1-2



Please remember to practice “leave no trace outdoor ethics” when you are out on Crater Lake National Park’s trails…and have fun!

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